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Jehu Brainerd (1808-1878) made several woodcuts depicting early life in Chagrin Falls. His woodcut overlooking the village was first published in Howe’s Historical Collections of Ohio in 1846. Brainerd was also a writer. In 1842, in partnership with Myron Barnes, he published the Farmers’ & Mechanics’ Journal which offered agricultural tips and general commentaries on life.

In 1844 Brainerd sold his interest and moved to Cleveland supporting his family as an engraver. In 1847 he was a teacher of natural history and drawing for the Cleveland Schools and developed and wrote the text for the course. An abolitionist in the 1840s and 1850s, Brainerd was active in a variety of anti-slavery organizations.

In 1850 the Cleveland Homeopathic College was formed and Brainerd was one of the first professors. During the next 15 years he taught courses in natural history, botany, medical jurisprudence, chemistry, histology and anatomy. During the Civil War he volunteered as a physician for the Union Army.

Photo for Jehu Brainard
Jehu Brainerd. He was an artist, author and physician.
Photo for Jehu Brainard
Woodcut of Chagrin Falls by Jehu Brainerd. It was published in Howe’s Historical Collection of Ohio in 1847. You can see 5 of the 9 dams in this view of the Village.
Photo for Jehu Brainard
Farmer’s and Mechanic’s Journal edited by Jehu Brainerd and Myron S. Barnes.
Photo for Jehu Brainard
Woodcut of Bayard Hotel at corner of N. Main and Orange Sts. by Jehu Brainerd. The hotel was built in 1835 and served as a stop on the stagecoach that went from Cleveland to Warren.

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