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During the late 1920s and early 1930s airplanes became much more available to individuals and many local communities began building airports. Local aviators leased part of a field on Bell Road in South Russell, and in 1932 the Village Council decided that an airfield would be of benefit to the Village.

The official opening was held July 10, 1932. Many famous pilots, such as Jimmy Doolittle, attended the opening. In 1934, during the Depression, a Transient Camp of 200 men, supervised by the National Guard, was located on the airport grounds. The men were tasked to level the field and put in proper drainage.

In 1940, Wilbur Horn opened a flying school, eventually helping prepare pilots for the Civil Air Patrol and Army Air Corps. Following WWII, Horn received the first contract to train veterans for civilian aviation jobs under the G.I. Bill. The airfield was sold in 1979 and is now the site of Kensington Green.

Photo for Chagrin Falls Airport
Painting of Horn’s Flying School by Alfred Howell. Horn’s was on the Chagrin Falls Airport property.
Photo for Chagrin Falls Airport
Transient camp at Chagrin Falls Airport in 1934. Workers lived on the property while improving the landing field. Notice the man on the right holding a football helmet and wearing pads.
Photo for Chagrin Falls Airport
Pilot of small airplane handing off a bag of mail at dedication of the Chagrin Falls Airport on July 10, 1932.
Photo for Chagrin Falls Airport
Cleveland Sunday News front page article on the opening of the Chagrin Falls Airport on July 10, 1932. Many famous pilots attended.

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