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The first bridge across the Chagrin River at the High Falls consisted of 4 large tree trunks laid side by side. The approach on the south side was made of logs rolled on top of each other and covered with earth. The north end was solid rock. A more sturdy wooden bridge about 20 feet wide was built in 1834.

It remained a wooden bridge until a substantial stone structure was built in 1858. Chagrin Falls resident William “Boss” Hutchings was awarded the contract by the County to build the Main Street bridge. The bridge was a 22 foot wide double arch stone bridge that still is incorporated into the bridge that stands there today.

The bridge underwent significant repairs in 1886 and was widened. It was widened again in 1928 by an additional 11 feet to the width it is today. Repairs and upgrades continue to be made as needed.

Photo for Main Street Bridge
Daguerreotype image of wooden Main St. Bridge and east side of N. Main St. A stone bridge replaced this bridge in 1857. This image is dated circa 1855.
Photo for Main Street Bridge
Main St. stone arch bridge built in 1857. Shows east side of N. Main St. Dated circa 1870.
Photo for Main Street Bridge
Main St. Bridge and High Falls during flood of 1913.
Photo for Main Street Bridge
Chagrin River looking west towards Main St. and Main St. Bridge. Group of brick buildings across the bridge remain today and are known historically as the Phoenix Block.

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